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Hotel Lungarno 5 star hotel in Florence

Hotel Lungarno 5 star hotel in Florence

Some of the globe’s most charming cities have rivers running through them, and Florence Italy is at the forefront. If you’re looking for a 5 star hotel in Florence Italy where you can savour sunsets overlooking the iconic Arno River with a view of the Ponte Vecchio, then a stay at the Lungarno Hotel may be just what you need.

Owned by the Ferragamo family, the hotel is part of a collection of luxury hotels derived from the family’s legacy of passion, pure Florentine style, creativity, and great taste. They also thrive on courtesy and appeasing their guests. Here’s what to expect when you stay there.

A Unique 1 Michelin Star Restaurant Experience and More
The hotel hosts the esteemed Borgo San Jacopo restaurant, which is a 1 Michelin star rated eatery where you can enjoy head chef ‘s signature dishes.

Whether you want to down a meal with some wine or just a coffee, you can quench your thirst in style at the Picteau bar in the hotel’s lounge area. And if you’re an art lover, the lounge will prove even more enchanting, as you’ll be surrounded by artwork of historical icons like Picasso. But that’s not all. If you love rooftop dining, why not head off to the hotel’s La Terrazza lounge bar to enjoy a drink on the Consorti tower.

Enjoy An Exquisite In-House Art Collection
The hotel owners are art collectors of the highest quality, so if art is one of your draw cards for this historical city, you’ll definitely be staying at the right place. There are over 400 pieces of exquisite art, all originating from the 900’s.

Lose yourself in the beauty of art created by word renowned artists such as Bueno, Picasso, Tosi, and Cocteau at the hotel’s gallery, lounge area, and throughout its beautiful suites. In fact, the art plays such a vital role in creating ambiance here, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the 900’s in a cultural time machine.

This type of ambiance is also ideal when you’re looking to impress guests if you’re hosting a convention here, or a momentous event such as a birthday party, anniversary, or graduation party.

A Rejuvenation Haven: Unwind At The White Iris Spa
Unwind blissfully surrounded by the beauty of Tuscan architecture such as signature Tuscan wood and stone walls here. Some of th
e treatments used here ideal for energizing both your body and mind is the indulgent Mediterranean massage, the Tibetan sound massage, the aroma soul scrub, and the salt massage.
And if you’re into organic components only, don’t fret as all ingredients used here are natural. The spa also offers a tranquillity pro sleep massage to induce relaxation and sleep, which is ideal if you have insomnia. The spa also offers anti-aging facial treatments, expert care facials, and recover touch antioxidant skin body treatments.

Plus there’s a unique range of skincare treatments under its Comfort Zone range. This includes treatments from the esteemed Davine’s Group Skincare list. It’s targeted towards using organic ingredients, combined with the highest technology for the treatment of skin blemishes.

Stay In Luxury Suites and Rooms
Enjoy breathtaking views and impressive plushness when you book a room or suite on the Arno executive floor. Ideal for a business stay if you’re hosting meetings, this floor offers rooms and suites with rooftop terrace views, family rooms, and studio suites. You can also choose the panorama executive floor, which is actually the 5th floor used by executives who are looking to make their stay like a second home.

Or book a designer suite with a splendid Arno river view. This suite is perfect for a family holiday too, as it has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room for some private dining and room service, a fully functional stylish kitchen if you love cooking your own meals, and a balcony overlooking the charming river and city escapes.