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Glorious Green Season: memorable holidays with Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

The magic of the monsoon, as it paints the landscape in impossible shades of green, is a well-kept secret among the locals in Chiang Mai. A profusion of tropical scenery and the transformation after the hot summer months makes this time of year a veritable treat for travel enthusiasts.

“We invite guests to our soothing sanctuary of wellbeing to experience this remarkable time of the year,” shares Anthony Gill, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Celebrate the Monsoons
Designed to be immersive, the Glorious Green Season offer encourages guests to experience first-hand the plenitude of this special time of the year. Slip on traditional Thai clothing to experience rice farming first hand in the shallow waters of the paddies; or go on a sensory Nature Trail to discover exotic plants and flowers through touch, taste and smell. “This is Northern Thailand at its magnificent best,” say Chief Gardener Pondkaran Kantha, “From July to September the rice paddies are resplendent and we thank the gods for this bountiful blessing they bestow on us.”


Tropical Delight
Spread across 13 hecatres (32 acres), the Resort features verdant gardens and is situated amid terraced rice fields, with mystical mountains forming a stunning backdrop. Wandering trails crisscross the landscape, making it an absolute delight to go on long walks with friends and family. “We plant khao niew sanpathong at the Resort - a native rice that is locally grown in Chiang Mai,” explains Pondkaran, adding, “Each stage of the cycle of rice cultivation has its own unique charm and beauty, and our Resort looks different during each phase. The rainy season is symbolic of prosperity and generosity - our farmers are happy to share this experience with our guests.”

Savings and More
A time for rest and relaxation, guests can look forward to customary Four Seasons comforts with round-trip airport transfer and savings on spa or restaurant visits. The kitchens are buzzing, as an abundance of locally sourced tropical produce finds its way on to special seasonal menus. A plethora of fruits and flowers may be seen in decorative tributes throughout the Resort and at the award-winning Wara Cheewa Spa, where guests can look forward to special green season-inspired relaxation.

Chiang Mai Calling
And while the Resort pampers with immersive experiences, there are several close-to-nature destination experiences waiting be discovered. For Ashok Nair, Assistant Director of Rooms and Residences, who has lived in Chiang Mai for nearly five years, this particular season brings with it renewed fondness for the destination. “Doi Suthep-Pui National Park is located only a few kilometres northwest of Chiang Mai City,” he shares. “The most popular activities include visiting Doi Suthep Temple founded in the 14th century with its uninterrupted views of the cityscape and surrounding areas. A number of stunning waterfalls are also located around the national park with the two most popular being the nine-tiered Montha Than Waterfall and the 10-tiered Mae Sa Waterfall.”