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Africa tours to consider for this 2022 summer and every season beyond gorilla trekking

Africa tours to consider for this 2022 summer and every season beyond gorilla trekking

You must have read about the “wildlife giants”- the mountain gorillas in the great lakes’ region of Africa, and long for a face-to-face meeting with the great apes in the jungle, there is much more beyond the gorilla trekking Rwanda vs Uganda experience. 

East Africa is certainly an abundant destination of pure wildlife and cultural riches, attracting visitors of all ages in quest of life-changing travel experiences and long-lasting memories.

Watching a gentle gorilla family (adults and babies) in the jungle, the hour you spend with the gorillas is such an amazing and fabulous encounter one cannot do justice to describing. Mother and infant and males and females eating and grooming each other as if no one is watching is priceless.

But you can’t walk about from these creatures- you need to see them. This is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of these cute creatures in their natural habit in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park or Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.  There are approximately 1000 gorilla individuals spread in the mountains of Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo.

Tailor-made tours reflecting needs and wishes
Although the great time for gorilla trekking remains June-December, you can view gorillas any month of the year, an activity that has attracted tourists of all ages from every corner of the planet,” explains Augustin Ndikuriyo, Managing Director of Augustine Tours.

“A gorilla trekking tour is coupled with the chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park, wildlife game drives to see the climbing trees Queen Elizabeth National Park, the famous Gishora drummers, cultural and historical sites in Rwanda.”

“Our tour itineraries are customized based on our client’s travel needs and wishes. We have realized that the tour experience goes beyond the gorilla trekking Rwanda vs Uganda safari. A 12-day three-country gorilla trekking tour starts at around $400 per day per person including a gorilla permit, activities’ fees, accommodation, meals, and private transport “.

A list of things to do on a tailor-made tour to Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda may include:
·    The famous drummers of Gishora in Burundi
·    You Visit Rwanda” the country of thousand hills” and stay at Hotel des Mille Collines (cited in Hotel Rwanda Movie)
·    Pay tribute to victims of the Genocide at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.
·    Golden Monkey trekking in Rwanda & visit a community of ex-poachers who became the gorilla’s guardians.
·    Gorilla trekking experience: Meet the Giants in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
·    Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda’s Kibale Forest National Park
·    Wildlife game drives in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park

The company has made requesting a tailor-made tour quick and easy through a form that only requires less than two minutes to be filled out.

Augustine Tours is Rwanda based tour operator that offers custom tours for families, couple, solo, and elderly tourists looking for a unique travel experience in East Africa.  Their local knowledge and expertise enable them to design a custom tour surpassing the famous mountain gorilla trekking and great wildebeest migration safaris.

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