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Dubai: Must-visit luxury locales

Dubai: Must-visit luxury locales

If you’re looking for a holiday that will guarantee vibrancy, culture and plenty of opportunities to splurge, then Dubai is the place to head to.

This haven of all things luxury entices holidaymakers looking for that little bit extra. And, with expatriates making up some 85% of Dubai’s population, you’ll feel right at home among the exclusive shopping malls, stunning hotels and miles of white sandy beaches.

For those looking to appreciate the creativity of man, it doesn’t get much better than a stay on Dubai’s artificial island, known as The Palm. Representing the home of luxury, it is headed by the breathtaking Atlantis Hotel.

This water-themed hotel encompasses a resort in itself, and one that is perfect for families or those looking to diversify their stay. With a water park, an aquarium housing over 65,000 marine animals, a private beach, water sports and a kids club, as well as restaurants and clubbing facilities, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a good reason to leave the resort.

For somewhere a little closer to the heart of Dubai, and within range of its famed shopping malls and pristine beaches, Jumeirah Beach is also a great locale for luxury-seekers.

With a range of stunning hotels to choose from, including the Grosvenor House West Marina Beach, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, and of course, the architectural feat that is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, five-star exclusivity won’t be hard to come by.

Enjoy views of Dubai’s dramatic skyline, miles of sun-kissed sands and maybe even a glimpse of the world’s most famous, and most expensive, hotel—the Burj al Arab, the building of which resembles the sails of a ship.

When going on holiday, it’s often nice to sit back, relax and soak in the culture of the particular part of the world you are in.

Although mostly recognised as an urban metropolitan city, Dubai hasn’t forgotten its wild roots, and wouldn’t be the place it is today were it not for its desert, located just a short drive out of the city.

The wilderness, serenity and beauty of this natural phenomenon is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, and you can even experience the desert in luxury by staying in one of the many exclusive hotels located right in the heart of the sand dunes.

The Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is the perfect retreat for those looking to relax among Dubai’s nature. Complete with luxury facilities, desert views and stunning architecture, this is one hotel bound to give you the true Arabian experience.

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No place comes close to the luxury and opulence of Dubai, so make sure you make this destination top of your list when choosing your next holiday in the sun.