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Breaking Travel News investigates: Why Virtual Tours?

Breaking Travel News investigates: Why Virtual Tours? Emirates Place is among the properties explored by Virtual World Internet

The vast majority of hoteliers agree that despite the many diverse daily duties that continue to engulf them, their ultimate goal is to close sales.

To do so, digital marketing is today’s single most important function - as it contributes to the achievement of continuing and ambitious goals through high conversion rates.

Digital marketing is the key driver that can decisively contribute in enhancing sales in a myriad of ways.

Virtual tours are a growing phenomenon and one of the digital tools now readily and easily available to every property no matter how big or small, no matter where the location.

Sales can be divided into many pieces, which as a whole explain the properties business; virtual tours are now one of these fundamental pieces. 

They are an accurate reflection of a location simply obtained through a sequence of stunning images, which can significantly influence and impact upon a business.

Is the time now right to embrace the digital world and embark on the virtual tours path, the ever increasing use of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk tops allows every future guest greater control when making their decision on where and who to stay with like never before?

With high quality images, visitors can experience the facilities without having been there by ‘walking through’ the hotel and not just ‘seeing through’ like in the past.

Decision-making is made easy with accurate information that describes properties and showcase what to expect for the money paid.

Choices are founded on a real view rather than a hunch of what the property looks like.

Reaching out for credit cards is safer and is less prone to unfortunate surprises.

Numbers speak for themselves; virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40 per cent, according to Property Week.

This means they are responsible for increasing the likelihood of visitors closing a sale while navigating in a hotel’s website.

Moreover, pictures are taken simply once to build the virtual tour but stay available for an infinite amount of views, improving the return on investment dramatically.

The tour is entirely on the client’s fingertips; the decisions of what to view and when is in their hands.

Having virtual tours is the most efficient way of allowing visitors to interact with a property, without being physically present.

First impressions are so important and people hardly ever forget them, they generally trust instincts.

So, why not leverage on creating a positive first impression?

Virtual tours are eye-catching features that gain users’ attention.

Don’t forget also, that one of the advantages that contribute to higher sales is increased trust.

Therefore, demonstrate that your property looks like the “real thing” customers will experience when they get there.

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To participate in the virtual world and exploit your properties full potential, allow Virtual World Internet, a global leader in this area, to work with you and deliver the imagery that future travellers are now engaging with.

Virtual tours can bring a huge return for hoteliers for a relatively small investment and takes only a small amount of time to implement.

Don’t wait any longer to start testing the effectiveness of this marketing tool.

For more information head over to the Virtual World Internet website or email director Kevin Rolfe at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).