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Breaking Travel News explores: New digital ways to explore the world of travel

Breaking Travel News explores: New digital ways to explore the world of travel

With more travel options on offer than ever before, inspiration comes in many forms.

While travel agents used to offer paper brochures - and in many cases still do - new, sophisticated ways of finding the ideal destination have also begun to emerge.

Many of us will now be confident following the advice of a social media influencer when it comes to booking a holiday - but there is more!

Here we explore three new methods of discovery – each of which will lead to the perfect adventure.

Virtual World Internet currently offers 3D virtual tours services in over 200 countries – including this stunning view of Atlantis, the Royal in Dubai

First up is Virtual World Internet (VWI).

Actually something of a stalwart of the industry, founded over 30-years ago, the brand is a virtual imaging service that delivers interactive solutions for a wide variety of applications in the travel and tourism sector.

The site combines expertise and technological wizardry to create stunning, award-winning virtual tours.

VWI offers the latest technology of 3D virtual tours, including dollhouse view and floor plan.

These 3D experiences are so real they will enable potential guests to fully immerse themselves in a walk-through of a property, giving them an accurate view of accommodations and amenities to make them feel as if they are already there.

This can really help when it comes to deciding where to visit.

These 3D virtual tours can easily be embedded into a website, and are fully compatible with any computer or mobile device.

Using the latest aerial technology, VWI can also capture stunning interactive aerial images of a property.

Captured from a drone, the aerial 360s provide a new perspective of a scene by seeing it from the air.

Combining high resolution virtual tours, Google Earth imagery, digital mapping technology and drone footage, VWI can also create a video fly-through to complement a virtual tour.

Virtual World Internet offers new ways to explore

Next up is World TV.

The service offers over 360 different destination channels, allowing potential holidaymakers to explore many trips before they even take a step out of the door.

On offer are more than 200 countries, as well as 160 of the most significant city break destinations around the world.

For those looking for more inspiration, channels are also broken down by theme, allowing for browsing by cruise, rail, casino or culinary trips, for example, as well as many more.

In total, the site features over 200,000 curated videos to explore.

You are sure to find the trip of your dreams.

Explore the best travel has to offer with World TV

Finally, World Social Media Directory.

According to recent research, an estimated 30 million small businesses in the United States alone use social media to reach potential clients – and that number is growing all the time.

In addition, a whopping 212 million small businesses worldwide are using social media platforms to reach new customers and grow their businesses.

The World Social Media Directory amalgamates the social media channels of these organisations each day and reveals how each is performing in the market segment.

Want to know what is hot right now in the world of travel?

World Social Media Directory is the place to be!