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Breaking Travel News investigates: Ultimate spa breaks at Rixos the Palm Dubai

Breaking Travel News investigates: Ultimate spa breaks at Rixos the Palm Dubai

Guests are invited to Rixos Royal Spa, a luxury health and beauty centre offering water rituals, massages, body therapies and skin care regimens derived from a global menu of traditional and contemporary practices.

The Rixos Royal Spa the Palm is a true haven of peace and tranquillity.

Covering an impressive 1,750 square meters and located adjacent to the hotel’s Full Service Beauty Salon, the spa features VIP Couple Room, Single Therapy Rooms, Facial & Body Treatment Room and a dedicated Thai Massage area, all with ensuite shower and changing facilities.

Rixos Royal SPA also features a traditional Turkish Hammam for the ultimate rejuvenation.

Turkish Hammam

Turkish Hammam has been around for centuries, playing host to ancient cleansing rituals.

It has been well known for its miraculous benefits.

The first action of the heat is dilatation of the blood vessels which immediately improves the circulation, producing a positive tonic effect.

The pores in the skin also dilate making possible deep cleansing of the skin and thorough purification, all of which translates into softer, more elastic skin with a great glow.

Alongside cell renewal, the steam has a soothing effect on skin problems, reducing acne and dermatitis.

The beneficial properties of a Turkish bath can also help people suffering from localized aches and pains since better blood circulation carries more oxygen to damaged areas and inevitably brings about an immediate reduction in pain and more rapid healing.

The heat helps to shift lingering cold symptoms decongesting the nose and chest and making it easier to get rid of excess mucous.

Such toxins as salt, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, heavy metals and other invasive organisms are expelled as the body heats up in the Turkish bath, as if basking in an artificial health-giving fever.

Indeed, this stimulation of the sweat glands is the key to the resounding success of the Turkish bath whose health benefits have been recognised ever since the days of Ancient Rome.

Signature Treatments: Sultan’s Treat

Lying on the warm stone, warm water is poured on the full body, including the head, several times.

Gentle exfoliation and peeling starts with Traditional Turkish Kesse.

Once lying face down, a cloud of thick foam will cover the body.

A relaxing traditional Turkish soap massage for the full body is followed by hair deep wash.

It is recommended to finally wash with cool water, to help the clean pores closing.

A relaxing full body massage is usually recommended after Hammam.

More Information

Rixos the Palm Dubai is considered the Middle East’s Leading Lifestyle Resort by the World Travel Awards.

There is more information on its unique spa on the official website.