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Breaking Travel News interview: Juan Cruz Adrogue, president, Chapelco Ski Resort

Breaking Travel News interview: Juan Cruz Adrogue, president, Chapelco Ski Resort

Having been recognised as among the best in the business by voters at the World Ski Awards, Breaking Travel News here chats with Juan Cruz Adrogue, president of Chapelco Ski Resort, to find out how it feels to have won

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations – Chapelco Ski Resort has been recognised as Argentina’s Best Ski Resort by voters at the World Ski Awards. How does it feel to have taken the prestigious title?

Juan Cruz Adrogue: We are proud to have been able to keep the ski resort open for residents and local visitors, during August and September this year, offering a safe and high-quality service.

We are grateful to the community of San Martín de los Andes that chose to enjoy responsibly the mountain.

Thanks to the skiers from all over the country who wanted to come but could not, and supported us from far away, as well as to the foreigners who supported us from much further afield.


Thanks, too, to the Chapelco staff.

Thanks to our partners – it was a great challenge that we carried out together with prudence and respect.

We celebrate the brave decision and our commitment from the beginning to open the resort in the midst of uncertainty without any financial speculation and supporting our community.

We thank the national, provincial and local authorities for working together.

This recognition fills us with happiness, pride and is definitely a caress to the soul for the entire Chapelco family.

We feel that this year this award is worth double.

We will meet again in 2021 to enjoy Chapelco – and we already started working for that day.

Until then, let us keep taking care of ourselves.

BTN: This is the third year in success Chapelco has taken the title – how useful are they for promoting the destination to the global ski community?

JCA: For the third consecutive year now and for the fifth time, we were distinguished as Argentina’s Best Ski Resort.

Being winners of this prestigious award is definitely a “before and after” in our history. 

These awards are very valuable for us to promote the ski resort nationally and internationally, and it really makes a difference.

This award also forces us and our teams to be better, and raises our quality standards in service to the highest level.

BTN: How has Argentina fared from a tourism perspective in 2020? Are there hopes for a return to normality next year?

JCA: The tourism business in Argentina had the most difficult time in 2020.

We had one of the world’s longest lockdown, closed airports and routes, and almost all touristic activities were prohibited.

But by nature, I am a serial optimist - I am confident that in 2021 we will return to normal and we will have a great year.

BTN: What measures was Chapelco able to put in place to protect skiers from the Covid-19 pandemic?

JCA: Chapelco is fortunately placed in a Covid-19 free area during the winter season.

We opened on August 1st, six weeks later than usual.

During the first week only residents could visit the ski resort.

After that, the national health authorities allowed people from cities located nearby and from other Covid-19-free locations to travel to San Martin de los Andes and ski in our resort.

We worked under strict protocols to give staff, the mountain community and visitors a safe environment: body temperature tests, social distancing, hygiene and sanitisation.

Masks, gloves and eyes protection were mandatory.

We recommend visitors buy services on our web platform, and we kept the resort closed two days a week for sanitisation protocols.

The whole staff was deeply committed with this cause.

We are proud that there were no positive cases of Covid-19 in Chapelco - neither of employees nor of skiers during the entire 2020 winter season.

More Information

Chapelco Ski Resort is located near San Martín de los Andes and is a striking destination for a ski holiday.

The dramatic views over Volcan Lanin and the turquoise Lake Lácar make for a spectacular backdrop.

This is a modern ski resort with great facilities, including lots of amenities, making it an attractive spot for families.

Find out more on the official website.