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Around the World in 80 Hours

Around the World in 80 Hours

Around the World in 80 Hours charts realistic courses across the globe for those looking to recreate the journey from the classic Jules Verne novel, travelling by either car, train, boat or plane.

Research put together has put together successful ways you can navigate the globe, while also showing you how long it will take to do it.

London is the start and finishing point, with the guide showing the total mileage, stops and also the time it would take to cover all legs of the epic journeys, including any deviations that might come with the selected travel option.

The research shows that the fastest way to refabricate the famous route is obviously by plane, with passengers expected to cover the 27,788 miles from London in just 3.3 days, or 80 hours. However, travellers will need to deviate from the original route due to stopovers, and will have to take three trains to complete the journey.

Betway put together the below interactive guide, tracking the various routes you could take round the world.