WAYN launches campaign with London & Partners

WAYN launches campaign with London & Partners

WAYN has launched an integrated campaign with London & Partners.

Under the terms of the partnership, WAYN will drive people through targeted placements to visitlondon.com as well as creating a supporting website.

The partnership is one element of London &Partners, ‘London, Now see it for yourself’ campaign which aims to capitalise on the huge success of the Olympic Games and promote London as a destination for people of all demographics and nationalities and inspire people to book a trip.

Featuring on WAYN.com will be the face of the campaign, Rufus the Corgi, which will help lead users to a specially designed digital map and microsite on the new visitlondon.com.

The map shows key attractions across the capital and acts as a guide to key points of interest and things to do in London.

As part of the campaign London & Partners will be able to utilise WAYN’s substantial user base to encourage members to enter a competition to win an amazing trip to London between January and June 2013.

WAYN provides a platform for London & Partners to engage with, and influence millions of travel enthusiasts, and provides a boost to their visibility in the digital media space.

The partnership stemmed from a successful test campaign which took place in January to March 2012 and enabled London & Partners to see the benefit of WAYN as a travel and lifestyle social platform.

The signing of a deal with London & Partners tops an impressive year for WAYN on the commercial front with landmark deals including Indonesia Tourism, Airbnb, ebookers, South African Tourism and Expedia to name but a few.

Gordon Innes chief executive, London & Partners said: “We have enjoyed working with a new character for the capital, Rufus the Corgi, who lets potential visitors see London from a completely new angle on our website visitlondon.com.

“We hope that partners like WAYN will help us further encourage even more visitors to come to the capital to experience some of the new attractions, hotels and see for themselves some of the iconic locations which were in the spotlight over this magical summer.”