Skype returns to Estonia with first phone booth

Skype returns to Estonia with first phone booth

Tallinn Airport has become home to the first Skype phone box, as the VOIP provider returns to its Estonian roots.

The booth – a silver-coloured cabinet featuring a 22-inch touch screen - lets passengers see the person they are talking to, with a headset on offer for privacy.

A platform sensor on the floor also changes colour when customers log into, or out of, their Skype accounts.

AdTech, the Estonian company which developed the booth, has high hopes for the Skype-box.

It wants to see them in airports, hotels and shopping malls around the globe.

But why Estonia? Two reasons.

Firstly, the diminutive Baltic state wants to abolish traditional, analogue phone boxes.

State run Elion telecommunications said earlier this year it plans to remove street telephone booths and cancel the use of telephone cards as there was no longer sufficient demand.

Secondly, the Skype software was developed by Estonian developers Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn.

Most of the development team of Skype is also still situated in Tallinn.