Royal Brunei boasts improved services to Melbourne

Royal Brunei boasts improved services to Melbourne

Royal Brunei Airlines has activated an experiential marketing campaign and media partnership with Global Radio this week to help raise awareness of its recently improved service to Melbourne.

The activity will see RB experiential staff and Capital FM street stars take over Earls Court tube station with the distribution of ‘route to relaxation’ sleeping masks designed to encourage consumers to think about the different ways they unwind.

These include ‘Veg out’, ‘Power up’, ‘Count some’, ‘Decaffeinate’ and ‘Tune out’. 

The promotion which is designed to amplify RB’s new brand promise directly to consumers will culminate in the chance to win tickets to Dubai, Brunei, Kota Kinabalu and Melbourne. 

Dermot Mannion, deputy chairman, Royal Brunei, commented: “We are a stylish, small airline with a premium service and we aim to deliver a family-like, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with high class customer service.

“This marketing activity is designed to amplify our brand commitment directly to the consumer, build awareness of RB’s new sleek style and encourage customers to consider RB as their ‘route to relaxation’. ”

RB’s recently updated schedule is more convenient for customers and offers a good daily service from London to Dubai, Brunei and beyond. 

While other airlines encourage passengers to make a choice between stopping in Asia or the Middle East on route to Australia, the Kangaroo route with Royal Brunei offers travellers a ‘double stop’ opportunity.

Passengers could consider extending their layover with a stop in Dubai for shopping and a second break in Brunei to experience rainforest treks, trips to the renowned water village and diving excursions. 

The airline has developed competitively priced stopover sightseeing packages in Brunei for customers.