Panorama ‘investigation’ refuses Ryanair’s interview offer

Panorama ‘investigation’ refuses Ryanair’s interview offer

Ryanair, the World’s favourite and Britain’s largest airline, today (9th Oct 09) accused BBC Panorama of bias and censorship as it purports to ‘investigate’ Ryanair but REFUSES Ryanair’s offer of a live or unedited pre-recorded interview in order to fully reply to Panorama’s false claims.

Ahead of Monday’s so called Panorama ‘investigation’, Ryanair today published all of its correspondence with the BBC programme which exposes Panorama’s false claims and repeated refusals to allow Ryanair an adequate right of reply.


So far Panorama’s two main claims that (a) Ryanair has ‘hidden charges’ (when we don’t) and (b) that Ryanair reached an agreement with Airbus in 2001 (we didn’t), have both been proven to be false.  All Panorama are left with is a series of subjective claims from a tiny number of disgruntled former employees and alleged passengers, none of which have been substantiated.



Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said,


“Ryanair has wasted the last six weeks responding to BBC Panorama’s false claims about Ryanair – which is Britain’s favourite airline carrying 66m passengers this year.  Panorama has repeatedly refused Ryanair’s offer of an unedited interview, either live or pre-recorded, because they know that these false claims are rubbish and don’t stand up to scrutiny.


“Ryanair calls on the BBC to explain why Panorama refuses to provide balance in its programming and why licence payers are funding such rubbish filled investigations which don’t stand up to scrutiny, which is why Panorama wouldn’t agree to an unedited interview with Ryanair.”