Heathrow set to increase passenger charges

Heathrow set to increase passenger charges

Heathrow passengers could see an increase in ticket prices if a £3 billion, five-year investment plan proposed by airport officials is approved.

Owners of the airport want regulators to allow it to increase charges for airlines to use the airport, between 2014 and 2019, but changes will need to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Under the plan, they will go up by the equivalent of £19.33 per passenger for 2012-13 up to a possible £27.30 in 2018-19.

The CAA will publish its final decision on whether it has approved Heathrow’s proposals in January 2014.

Heathrow said the increased charges would pay for investment including the opening of the new Terminal 2 in 2014 and improved check-in and baggage facilities.

Heathrow’s five-year plan is separate from any decision on whether a third Heathrow runway will be built.

The plan is currently ruled out by the coalition government, but a final decision is not expected until after the next general election in 2015.