Greenjets private jet service passes 2,000 clients and forecasts seat price increases

Greenjets private jet service passes 2,000 clients and forecasts seat price increases

Greenjets has attracted in excess of 2,000 clients for its shared-ride private jet service since initiating flights in April 2009. The attractiveness of shared private jet service offering has been validated by the dramatic response from clients, and demonstrates market acceptance and strong demand for more affordable and responsible private jet service. Delivering per-seat pricing with guaranteed confirmed service availability requires Greenjets to pay close attention to demand levels and external factors such as fuel cost. In response to a recent uptick in fuel cost, together with strong demand for Greenjets service, Greenjets will raise its seat prices effective November 15.

The current IATA Jet Fuel Price Monitor, which is updated each week to provide the latest price data from the leading energy information provider Platts, shows the global average price paid at the refinery for aviation jet fuel is on an upward trend, rising 8.2% from a week ago and 10.2% from a month ago.

In reaction to the recent upward cost trend for jet fuel and very strong demand for Greenjets service, Greenjets on-demand seat prices will go up approximately 10% on November 15. Also, the annual fixed trip prices for Greenjetcard members will increase for clients enrolling after November 15.

Reservations placed prior to November 15 will be honored at the lower seat prices, and Greenjetcard members who signed up prior to November 15 will enjoy substantial savings, as they will pay the lower fixed trip price for up to one year.

The impact of the higher seat prices for Greenjets on-demand travelers will be a few hundred dollars per seat. The impact for Greenjetcard members will be between $1250 per annum for a Blue level member to over $10,000 for a Black level member.


Greenjetcard memberships do not require payment for flights in advance or on account like other jet card programs; it is a pay as you go system with very affordable seat prices. Greenjets clients pay only for the seats they need, and can book easily online at or by calling toll free at 1-800-916-jets with a travel specialist. Since Greenjets combines travelers on a single private jet instead of them flying separately, Greenjets can reduce emissions and harmful environmental impacts, making Greenjets the most economically and environmentally responsible way to fly private.