FlightView: Time for aviation travel technology to shape up

FlightView: Time for aviation travel technology to shape up

A new survey of more than 600 business travellers conducted by FlightView sends an important message to airport and airline executives: it’s time to get on board with advanced travel technology.

FlightView’s new survey found that mobile, day-of-travel notifications are critical for business travellers.

More than 94 per cent want the status of their flights pushed to their phones, 63 per cent want to be notified about seat upgrade availability, and more than 70 per cent want to receive an alert when their flight is boarding.

Consumers also said airport and in-flight Wi-Fi is unreliable, limited and frustrating.

Only 28 per cent of business travellers are satisfied with in-flight Wi-Fi offered by airlines, and 32 per cent are satisfied with Wi-Fi availability in airports.

“Business travellers, pressed for time, want access to new tools and technologies that make travelling easier and more efficient,” said Mike Benjamin, chief executive of FlightView.

“Every time an airport or airline rolls out a new offering, it raises travellers’ expectations, which, in turn, puts pressure on others in the industry to quickly adopt and integrate new technologies.”