braves shortness of rental cars braves shortness of rental cars, the online price comparison for rental cars, could expand its contingent of car rental partners. From February onwards, 130 suppliers with a total of 24 million offers at 90.000 stations in 178 countries will be available and can be compared and booked on the website.

Rental car bottlenecks and price rises are keywords that will be explosive in 2010. So if you plan your holidays for 2010, you should book a hired car on time – if possible by now!

The global economic crisis has become noticeable on the car hire market too. Due to this, many car rental services have had to downsize their fleets massively. Hence, especially in highly frequented holiday destinations rental car bottlenecks will occur and a “stop-sale” and unavailability of rental cars may arise. According to predictions it may already be difficult to get a rental car for the Easter holidays. At the same time, prices for vehicles during these periods have increased dramatically – but in many cases, this does only become obvious at second glance, for example in the form of hidden extras.

Due to these hidden extras and the complexity of price and benefit offers, price comparison portals are more important than ever. In doing so, does not only provide security during the booking process, but does, unlike others, also consider the hourly changing scales of the providers.

To provide the maximum in offers and availability even in times of price rises and reduced fleets, has enhanced its portfolio of rental car partners, for example in Spain, Italy or Greece. With now more than 130 suppliers at 90.000 stations, can brave the shortness of rental cars with 24 million offers and still guarantee the highest transparency regarding prices and offers.