Response To Government Guidelines On DVT

British Airways welcomes the Government`s publication today of further information and public health guidelines on DVT.

For nearly a decade, British Airways has provided its passengers with advice about well being in the air through an on-board video and information in the in-flight magazine.

The information British Airways provides to passengers on DVT and other health issues is continually updated and improved.

New measures the airline has taken recently include the introduction of a Healthy Journey leaflet which goes into every ticket wallet, a health website ( as well as regular health and well being articles in our in-flight magazine High Life.

British Airways’ on-board Well Being video has also been recently revamped to include helpful advice including a series of on-board pilates exercises which passengers can carry out in their seat area. Any of our passengers concerned about their fitness to fly can also ring our Passenger Medical Clearance Unit.


British Airways agrees with the government that further, substantial research into any link between DVT and air travel is required. British Airways remains committed to taking part in this and will be participating in next month`s meeting in Geneva at which there will be further discussion regarding the proposed research by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The airline has been involved in health research studies in the past which include Dr Patrick Kesteven’s research into DVT at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.