BFAST Helps Travel Sites Target Customers. and have successfully launched pay-for-performance marketing programs to attract customers easily and cost-effectively using BFAST, Be Free`s online partner marketing service.

“Online travel is a highly competitive industry and these businesses embrace performance-based marketing as a necessary medium to drive a greater volume of traffic to their sites. Partner Marketing allows travel sites to aggressively pursue marketing reach while paying only for the promotions that produce results,” said David Johnson, vice president of EMEA operations, Be Free, Inc. “In such a volatile industry and with such tight budgets, travel businesses are choosing Be Free to build and grow a robust marketing channel that helps them find new customers across the Web cost-effectively.”

By establishing pay-for-performance marketing channels, businesses can track and measure traffic generated through multiple online marketing relationships, from affiliate programs to strategic partnerships. Using Be Free`s hosted service, companies such as and can dynamically distribute content about special offers across their marketing partner sites and measure the impact of the promotions on new customer acquisition.

“Be Free`s hosted partner marketing service enables us to build and develop our pan-European affiliate marketing strategy,” said Carl Lyons, UK head of marketing, “At we need to distribute time-sensitive travel and leisure promotions to our subscribers quickly. Using BFAST, we not only benefit from being able to pay only for results, we also benefit from the flexibility of being able to automatically change our promotional offers across all of our marketing partner sites without having to contact each of them individually. Be Free`s service allows us to easily keep our online promotions timely and relevant for maximum results.”

“Cost-per-action marketing is the most effective way of scaling our business,” said Darryl Bowman, head of partnerships at “We view our online partner program as a long term investment and have already seen traffic and booking levels that have doubled over the last six months. Using BFAST, we have the flexibility to target the right customers with the right promotions by working with our marketing partners to deliver product offers on a contextual basis, helping to drive a greater level of new customer acquisition.”