Ryanair passengers face loading their own bags into aircraft hold

Ryanair passengers face the prospect of loading their own baggage on to planes as part of a series of new measures proposed by chief executive Michael O’Leary to trim further costs off flying.

The company believes that it could save money if it did not have to pay for baggage handlers to carry suitcases from the terminal to the aircraft.Passengers are charged £10 to put a bag into the hold, but those willing to carry luggage themselves would be charged a lower checking in fee.

A spokesman for Stansted Airport told The Telegraph: “There are security and practical considerations to be taken into account. For a start they would have to work out where a passenger would pick up a bag after putting it through the screening process.

“Also there are aircraft moving around the tarmac. It is hard to imagine how a grandmother or somebody with impaired mobility would be able to cope,” he added.

“Perhaps there is another agenda, what they are really saying is that they don’t want passengers to have hold luggage at all.”


Other service cuts include removing check in desks from airports across Europe, which the airline estimates could save it £44 million a year.

However this would mean that its passengers would have to pay for checking in online - with everyone having to pay £5 to do so.

Other fees include charging £100 to change the name on a booking online and £150 via a call centre. Changing a flight costs £55 by telephone and £25 via the internet.

O’Leary also said Ryanair was ready to charge passengers for using the onboard toilets.

“I do believe we will start charging for toilet access. If we can get rid of two of the three toilets on a 737, we can add an extra six seats.”

However he has ruled charging obese passengers more for their flights because he considers the idea as impractical.