Mobissimo unveils new search standard

Mobissimo has set a new standard for personalized travel search with the launch of a new version that brings personalization, content and context to travel search.
For the first time in the travel industry, users can now customize their search experience with relevant destination information such as weather, photos, video, reviews, books, and local events. The content, aggregated from leading third party Web sites, dynamically updates and synchronizes with each individual search to make trip planning faster, easier and more pertinent than ever before.

“Mobissimo has developed a loyal user base because time and again we find the best prices and deals by searching more travel sites, across more countries, in more languages and faster than any of our competitors,” said Beatrice Tarka, Mobissimo’s CEO and co-founder. “Our users, partners and peers have come to expect innovation and industry leadership from us. Today we have met and exceeded those expectations and once more demonstrated a vision that clearly sets us apart from the competition and takes the travel search experience to a new level.”

Mobissimo, the undisputed international travel search expert, searches and compares over 180 different travel sites around the world, including more low-cost airlines and consolidators than its three closest competitors combined. This unique offering has allowed Mobissimo to expand into fast-growing international travel markets. Mobissimo operates five foreign websites serving users from over 200 countries.  And it remains the only completely objective travel search engine. Building on its tradition as an industry innovator, Mobissimo is now the first travel search engine to aggregate content from leading Web sites across the Internet.

“Today Mobissimo has launched an exciting library of content widgets and we’ll be adding more each week. We are planning to open an API for developers so they can quickly add their own content for Mobissimo users,” said Tarka.