Travelocity enters blogosphere

Travelocity is entering travellers’ turf through the company’s new web log—The Window Seat, a consumer travel blog.Serving as an expansive resource for travellers, this first-of-its-kind blog by a major online travel company reveals relevant and uncolored travel advice as well as insider tips from a team of travel industry experts spearheaded by Travelocity editor-at-large, Amy Ziff.

The Window Seat blog offers a unique fusion of expert information gathered from a decade of experience in the travel business with first-hand accounts from travelers themselves. With information ranging from seasonal destination finds and airport security changes to where the stars headed on their last holiday, The Window Seat blog provides a new perspective to enhance the travel experience for every traveler.

As explorers chime in on past travel experiences, future dream trips and their new favorite hot spots, The Window Seat’s team of experts will be on hand to answer difficult travel questions, dish on destinations and discuss travelers’ woes and wins.

“We’re proud to be launching The Window Seat blog, which is written by and for travelers,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity’s Editor at Large. “I can’t think of a better way to share our collective travel experiences and expertise than through a blog.”