EOS introduces Curbside Escort

Eos is greeting each arriving guest curbside at JFK in New York and at Stansted Airport, in London and escorting them through the Eos’ check-in, and then through fast-track security, in a bid to enhance customer service.
“Business travelers value time and productivity,” said Dave Spurlock, Eos founder and chief executive officer.  “At Eos,” Spurlock continued, “we’re committed to creating an entirely new level of service on the ground and in the air.  We provide the ultimate in-flight environment for rest or work - while reducing the amount of time our guests spend on line in airports.”

Since its inception, Eos has offered a service for travelers who are running late for their flight - giving them the option to call the airline and be met at curbside.  The curbside service proved so popular with fliers that the airline decided to make it a standard offering for all guests.

The expedited check-in and security process, which launches officially on April 18th, gives Eos guests the opportunity to arrive up to 45 minutes in advance of scheduled departure times to London or New York.

Eos introduced a series of innovations in launching trans-atlantic service between New York and London on October 18th, 2005, and business travelers are taking notice.  The airline has now signed six of the top ten New York-based financial institutions to contracts permitting corporate travel on Eos.  In addition, the airline’s own customer surveys have recorded an approval rating of more than 90% during Eos’ first six months of operation.

The Eos fleet consists of Boeing 757 Aircraft, specially configured to carry 48 passengers - with each passenger enjoying an extraordinary 21 square foot personal suite, or “pod.”  Pods can be adjusted to allow for face-to-face meetings for 2 or 4 people, or for complete privacy - with each pod having its own aisle and window access and the ability to recline to 100% horizontal position.  In the “lie flat” position, beds extend to a full six and a half feet.


With an extra spacious overhead compartment for virtually every traveler, most luggage is simply carried on - a real time savings - with checked luggage also retrieved fast on a flight carrying only 48 passengers.  Passengers benefit from further time savings in London - as travelers move quickly through customs at Stansted Airport.  In addition, guests purchasing published fares are met at Stansted by complimentary limo for the short trip into the city’s financial district or other areas.  Concierge service from Quintessentially is also available to all Eos guests, offering still more time savings and special access when planning for reservations at top restaurants, sought after shows, VIP treatment at nightclubs, and more.