KDS, ACTE join up for biz travel survey

KDS travel management solutions and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) is joining forces so traveller’s voices can be heard.Business travel is viewed by companies as a productivity tool that allows business to be transacted in an expedited fashion.

But is it productive for the business travellers—the road warriors who must meet clients, sell to new customers, sign deals and make sure these are done in time to catch the last flight home?

KDS and ACTE are running a survey to map out how business travellers really live their travel experience.

By taking part in a short online survey business travellers will express how strongly they feel about important changes affecting their life and the way they travel.

—Are they in favour of allowing mobile phone communication while aircraft are in mid-flight?


—Do they know what your company’s travel policy is?

—How comfortable are they with online booking sites?

—Filling expense reports is a drag but how do they complete and submit them, online or offline?

The results of the survey will form the basis of education sessions, reports and press materials.

The survey is accessible via the following link: