Golden Facelift Launches at Harrods Urban Retreat

Carole Franck Skincare Laboratories has formulated the new Rejuve Golden Facelift. Claimed to combine the biology, philosophy and art of natural beauty with proven results, the sought-after skincare treatment is now being presented at the Urban Retreat in Harrods, London.

Rejuve Golden Facelift is a new pioneering treatment that combines the use of Chinese acupuncture with a natural, high-performance skin repair system. The Rejuve Golden Facelift harnesses the power of Acupuncture, not by inserting needles in the traditional way, but by electrotherapy. The ancient art of Acupuncture releases blocked energy along the 12 meridians that run through the body, disruption of this flow results in premature ageing, while stimulation of the acupuncture points accelerates the synthesis of collagen and activates cellular regeneration. 

Based on this Oriental approach, the natural, non-invasive method intensifies the action of Carole Franck’s already powerful phyto-aromatic skincare. These potent providers of vitamins, hormones and antiseptics are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The combination of electrotherapy combined with the synergy of the ingredients, stimulates and detoxifies the system, whilst healing and calming the complexion. Deep diffusion of these powerful ingredients helps restructure the skin at the deepest level.

Urban Retreat at Harrods is situated on the fifth floor of the world-famous store and has recently completed a massive refurbished programme to encompass its new concept; Three Beauty Pillars of Time, Space and Comfort.

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