iJET Deploys New Incident Management Software

Alert Technologies
today announced the operational deployment of its OpsCenterå? software to support the iJET
Travel Risk Management iJET24 Incident Response Center. The iJET24 center is the emergency travel, medical and security lifeline for travelers and expatriates and is part of iJETå‘s GlobalGuardian program.

“After an extensive survey and requirements analysis of incident management software, we went with OpsCenter because of its open architecture and comprehensive functionality” said iJET CTO Greg Meyer. “The open architecture was critical since we needed to integrate OpsCenter with Worldcue®, our real-time risk management system, and our back-end intelligence and operational systems. The quality of the professional services team at Alert Technologies has been impressive and a key part of our success configuring the system.”

Alert Technologies President and CEO Frank J. Vukmanic said, “We are very proud to add iJET to our portfolio of customers. iJET is on the frontline providing travelers with real-time Travel Intelligence® to help them avoid problems and with the 24X7 iJET24 Response Center to provide assistance when a problem does occur. This is where we like to be, supporting mission critical emergency and incident operations.”

Alert’s OpsCenter software, which recently has been chosen by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Department of Public Safety to manage emergency response and track recovery progress, uses state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the level of robustness required by mission-critical applications.

OpsCenter is a packaged, real-time emergency response and incident management solution designed to be configured for the demanding needs of the military, agencies in the federal, state and local government, as well as Fortune 100 companies for business continuity planning and operations.



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