Amadeus launches new version of e-Travel Management

Amadeus launches new version of e-Travel Management

Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, today announces the release of version 13.2 of its flagship e-Travel Management solution, the self-booking tool for corporations.

The new version, which is available globally, includes a range of enhanced features including a completely revamped hotel shopping module which uses a wholly new Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The interface, which embraces the look and feel of Web 2.0 and takes advantage of a new and central mapping system based on Microsoft BING™ maps, allows the user to easily and intuitively visualise, search and navigate through a range of hotel selections; comparing locations, amenities, policy compliance, availability and prices. The new interface also provides a ‘BookNow!’ feature that instantly adds the hotel to the travellers’ itinerary. It further benefits from using the same ’Hotel Shopper’ technology as Amadeus Hotels Plus, the successful hotel-selling tool for travel agencies.

The updated version of the Amadeus e-Travel Management solution also unveils a new multi-availability feature, providing the opportunity to preview different rooms available in a given hotel. The availability is displayed directly, meaning the user can avoid navigating to the single availability screen first, streamlining the entire process.

Furthermore, additional filters have been installed to the interface in order to help users narrow down their choice more quickly allowing them to get the best deal possible. The whole booking process has also been sped up from start to finish, with more data fields pre-filled automatically.


Jean-Noel Lau Keng Lun, Head of Product Management for Corporations at Amadeus comments: “This latest version of Amadeus e-Travel Management will revolutionise the way business travellers search for and book hotels and will ultimately save them both time and money in the process. We believe that version 13.2 will empower corporations to take greater control of their travel policies whilst at the same time ensuring that the utmost care is given to travellers and travel bookers by making it inherently easier for them to search for and book their business hotel accommodation.”

Julia Heesterman, EMEA Travel Manager, Microsoft comments: “As Microsoft is a user of Amadeus e-Travel Management across multiple European markets, we are delighted to see the implementation of BING maps as a standard feature globally.  Incorporating technology advancements such as BING maps which are used frequently by the end-user, provides familiarity when using the corporate booking tool – something that can only help encourage future usage throughout the business travel community”.