Expedia announces deal with Microsoft

Expedia announces deal with Microsoft

Microsoft has teamed up with Expedia.co.uk to offer travel enthusiasts a dedicated web browser, specifically designed to simplify the travel search process.

It is hoped the new design will bring the functionality of Expedia directly to the browser, providing ready-access for every step of the travel process.

Explaining the move Alex Gisbert, director of online partner marketing at Expedia, said: “It makes perfect sense to combine Expedia’s online travel expertise and ease of use with Internet Explorer 8.

“We hope the new customised browser will really help users enjoy a faster, easier and safer browsing experience than ever before.”

Highlights of the plug-in will enable users to browse hotel and last-minute package deals, as well as a weather search system, and currency converter.

A dedicated search function will also display every result from the Expedia system when a user seeks a particular destination.

Julia Owen, Internet Explorer product manager added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Expedia to help our customers book their holidays quickly and easily.

“The new Expedia version of Internet Explorer 8 has been designed to provide intrepid travellers with the information they need, with enhanced security and safety features that help protect travellers from the threats they face online.”


The deal is a reunion of sorts, with Expedia originally founded by Microsoft before being spun off into a standalone entity.

Additional features included with the new browser include Expedia Visual Search which answers specific queries within the Expedia site and delivers results in both images and text so users get the full picture of where they’re booking.

Users can also download the Expedia Holiday Countdown gadget direct to their desktop so they know exactly how long they have to wait until they depart.

The browser can be downloaded here.