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Delta: Push for Prosecco

Delta Air Lines has created a new world first – an interactive billboard dispensing prosecco to Londoners in the run up to Christmas. 

The campaign has been built to celebrate Delta’s latest on-board main cabin offering of prosecco for its international customers.

The Push for Prosecco pop-up has been residing exclusively in the UK capital for two days only offering a taste of Delta to the public and customers.

Reminiscent of aircraft service, people simply press the call bell and a glass of fizz appears before them guaranteed to invoke the holiday spirit.

“We have been working hard to elevate the in-flight experience throughout the aircraft and serving prosecco in the main cabin is another differentiator for us,” said Shane Spyak, Delta staff vice president sales, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

“Britain is reportedly the world’s largest consumer of prosecco so it’s a natural fit for us to launch our new international offering in the heart of London.”

Delta first launched Avissi Prosecco on domestic flights for main cabin and Delta Comfort+ customers this summer before rolling it out internationally in the fall.