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Northwest Airlines ends union representation

Northwest Airlines ends union representation

4 November 2010 Airline News

Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines have voted to end union representation after 63-years following the completion of a merger with Delta Air Lines. Some 7,000 crew will be impacted by the change, after the Association of Flight Attendants failed to secure a majority in favour of continued representation.

Failed bomber ‘one of many’

29 December 2009 Airline News

The would-be terrorist who tried to blow up a US jet on Christmas Day has revealed there are more “just like him” being trained by al-Qaeda. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab told agents questioning him that he was one of many bombers being groomed by the Yemeni al-Qaeda affiliate to attack American-bound aircraft.

Lost pilots were on laptops

27 October 2009

Pilots of Northwest Flight 188 which overshot its scheduled destination by about 150 miles last week have told investigators that they were using laptops and lost track of their duties.

Northwest and KLM axe three services

27 June 2008 Press Release Airline News

The conveyor belt of route reductions continues today with Northwest Airlines and its trans-Atlantic joint venture partner KLM announcing suspension of three services from 1 October - termination of flights between Detroit-Dusseldorf and Hartford-Amsterdam, and seasonal suspension of Minneapolis/St. Paul-Paris.

Northwest plans European expansion

12 October 2006 Press Release Airline News

Northwest has announced an expansion of its European flight network with new service to Brussels, Belgium and Düsseldorf, Germany, as well as the first and only nonstop service between Hartford, Conn. and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Northwest Makes WorldPerks Elite Level Easier

1 March 2004 Press Release Airline News

Northwest Airlines today announced changes to its WorldPerks frequent flyer program, which will benefit the program’s best customers and make achieving Elite level qualification easier by giving additional credit for business fares.

Northwest 30 Million Self-Service Check-In

15 July 2003 Press Release Airline News

ST. PAUL, MINN. - (July 14, 2003) - Northwest Airlines today announced that its customers have used either its Internet check-in service at, or one of its 655 e-Service Center kiosks in 155 airports, a total of 30 million times. The milestone was reached during the first week of July.