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WTA Africa & Indian Ocean KICC Press Conference 2022

Key Speakers
Sarova Hotels: Caroline Wandetto - Group Marketing Manager
Kenya Airways: Dennis Kashero - Director Communications & Public Affairs
World Travel Awards: Graham Cooke - President & Founder

KICC CEO Talking Points During the World Travel Awards Media Briefing on 14 October 2022

  • The Country and the Convention Centre is ready to host the biggest event in the hospitality and travel industry. We are delighted as a country to host this auspicious event. Kenyans are well prepared and thrilled to give our guests an unforgettable hospitality and a magical experience during the gala ceremony and their stay in the country
  • This prestigious event dubbed the ‘Oscars of hospitality industry will offer the country an opportunity to showcase Kenya’s great hospitality and culture.
  • We have partnered with other tourism stakeholders to give ours guests very attractive delegate experience packages that will give them an all-rounded Kenyan experience during their stay in the country. Please take time to experience the magic.
  • This event comes at the right time, when the global tourism sector is emerging out of the economic turmoil of Covid-19. It is also an excellent opportunity to share our collective experiences on how we can take the industry forward but more importantly, build a resilient and sustainable tourism sector.
  • Concerted partnership and collaboration with all stakeholders will be required in energizing the industry’s recovery, growth and sustainability agenda. This is why we are here. To speak and act together. To reflect on the lessons learnt while bolstering our efforts to get tourism back on its feet.
  • We firmly believe this event will be instrumental in shaping the future of African and Indian Ocean tourism in a post-pandemic world.
  • I finally wish to express my special gratitude to the WTA team, our partners, the media for your support.