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Wohlfahrt creates new menu for Lufthansa first class guests

Wohlfahrt creates new menu for Lufthansa first class guests

Lufthansa first class lounge guests in Munich have been offered a special culinary treat.

Three-star Michelin rated chef, Harald Wohlfahrt, created an exclusive three-course experience for the lounges’ visitors.

Lasting until June 15th, the menu will feature dishes such as lobster with pineapple-mango chutney and crustacean foam, followed by veal two ways with hummus and beech mushrooms.

A mousse dome with raspberry ice cream and rhubarb is offered for dessert.


Over the course of several days, Wohlfahrt provided advanced training to the Lufthansa first class lounge chefs and divulged some insider secrets of Michelin-star cuisine.

Wohlfahrt is regarded as one of the pioneers of contemporary German gourmet cuisine.

As chef de cuisine of the celebrated Black Forest restaurant Traube Tonbach, he has received 25 consecutive three-star ratings in the Michelin guide since 1992.

In 2005, he received the German Federal Cross of Merit for the promotion of the culinary arts in Germany and for his life’s work.