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Wipolo’s new iPhone app: the Ultimate Social Travel Experience

Wipolo’s new iPhone app: the Ultimate Social Travel Experience

Wipolo has already become THE social travel platform, chosen by Facebook as its travel app for the whole of Europe. Wipolo’s new app is based on the HTML 5 mobile technology. The team took advantage of the experience gained with Facebook’s platform to offer the best “social travel” experience possible to its users on their iPhones.

Wipolo’s app: the best of social travel anytime, anywhere

The launch of the new Wipolo iPhone app follows the success of its platform. More than 70 000 travelers connect via the platform to share their latest adventures with their friends! They can now enjoy all of the website’s best features, directly on the app.

A few clicks suffice to add or complete a trip with new stopping places. Plus, interacting with friends about undertaken trips has never been so easy and fun.

Wipolo’s app: new exciting features:
*  Add trips and reservations (hotels, flights, restaurants,…) and modify them if necessary
*  Tag friends in trips
*  Access newsfeeds on the home page, allowing them to follow, comment on or consult friends’ trips
*  Benefit from a new notification system (through push)
*  Enjoy a new profile page with statistics (number of kilometers they have traveled, for example), a map of visited destinations and a wishlist
*  Discover a new “explore” section: 2 million destination pages they can consult! They can also check which of their friends have been or wish to go there