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Winter Travel Tips: How to Prepare for Snowy Airport Journeys

Winter Travel Tips: How to Prepare for Snowy Airport Journeys

Snowy weather can cause disruption to travel. We go to great lengths to minimise the effects of snow and ice on the airport – you can read more about that here – but the effects of wintry weather can still make aspects of your journey trickier.

Here we share some handy hints to help you prepare if you’re coming to the airport during adverse weather.

Keep an eye out for communications from your airline and from the airport

Your airline will inform you of any significant issues with your flight. Make sure you can access your emails and follow your airline on social media. Some airlines have apps that will send alerts direct to your phone if there are updates.

In the event that your airfield has to close they will post details on social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), when it closes and when it reopens and will provide regular updates in the interim.


Plan your journey in advance, prepare, allow extra time and monitor travel conditions to the airport

Snow and ice can cause disruption on road and rail. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on travel news and can plan your journey accordingly.

Most popular map apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps can give live traffic conditions while popular rail apps like those of specific operators and Trainline will update you if your planned journey is affected by bad weather.

Travel is likely to be slower in wintry weather. You may have to de-ice your car, traffic may be slower, trains could be delayed and even walking short distances can take longer. So factor that into your journey.

If you’re driving to the airport, make sure you have supplies with you in the event of lengthy delays on the road, a breakdown or if you get stuck. These should include a drink, food, a blanket, warm clothes, a torch (wind up torches won’t run out of batteries), screen wash, a phone charger, de-icer, a demisting pad, a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a shovel.

Be careful

It goes without saying that ice and snow make surfaces slippery – so whether you’re driving or on foot take extra care. We grit all the walkways and car parks at the airport regularly and monitor them during the day.

Make sure you’re dressed for the weather

If you’re travelling to somewhere warm it may seem inconvenient to have your coat, hat and gloves with you – but don’t be tempted to try to travel without wrapping up for the conditions here. You may end up stuck in traffic on the way to the airport or face a wait on a train platform and you’ll be glad of your coat. Make sure you’ve got good shoes on too. If you’re parking around the terminals you’ll have to walk from there to your terminal and you don’t want to be doing that in flip flops in the snow!

The same applies if you’re coming back to the airport when it’s snowy. It’s easy to get dressed for the weather in the country you’re leaving and find yourself arriving into snowy weather wearing summer clothes.