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Visit the Land Of Sun, Sea and the Mysterious Sphinx

Visit the Land Of Sun, Sea and the Mysterious Sphinx

The land of the Pharaohs has always been a winter sun hot spot for UK travellers, and with exchange rates at a favourable 8.26 Egyptian Pounds to the British Pound it is more popular than ever. The current financial climate means that Brits planning holidays abroad are looking beyond the Euro zone to get the best value. International Currency Exchange (ICE) is warning holidaymakers to shop around for the best deals and buy their currency from a reputable provider before sailing down the Nile.

Andrew Hamilton, Head of Marketing for ICE comments “Travellers to Egypt should not rely on credit cards or traveller’s cheques as cash is still the most widely accepted payment method. Although some restaurants and hotels will accept cards the custom is to pay in cash and leave a tip, known as a ‘bakeesh’ which may vary from a few ‘piaster’ (100 piastre = 1 Egyptian Pound) to some smaller denomination Pound notes. Holidaymakers should also remember that most banks are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s best to come prepared.”

Whether it’s diving in the clear waters of the Red Sea, stepping back in time among the wealth of ancient wonders in Luxor, or exploring the markets and bazaars in bustling Cairo, Egypt offers a taste of the exotic. ICE recommends travelling with local currency using travellers cheques or a credit/debit card as back up. By ordering currency in advance, holidaymakers can ensure they get the best rates and avoid extra charges, making the most of their holiday budget.

Travellers can simply log on to to order their Egyptian Pounds which will be delivered free of charge to their home address the next day, and with free delivery if £400 or more is ordered.

Hamilton concludes, “Currency sales over the summer of 2009 have seen real growth in alternative destinations as Britons look beyond the euro-zone for good-value holidays. Egypt ticks all the boxes and looks set to be a popular destination this winter. With a little preparation, UK travellers can soak up the myriad delights Egypt has to offer and walk in the land of ancient kings.”