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Visible Technologies to bring insight to VisitBritain Olympic response

Visible Technologies to bring insight to VisitBritain Olympic response

Visible Technologies, the global leader in social media monitoring and analytics today announced a partnership with VisitBritain, the national agency responsible for developing the UK’s tourism economy.

The partnership will allow VisitBritain to deploy Visible’s V•IQ platform to provide dynamic social media measurements of the London 2012 Olympic Games which start tomorrow.

“London 2012 gives us a unique opportunity to gather a wealth of social media data that we’d normally never have access to,” said Phil Taylor, head of digital at VisitBritain.

“Gathering the sentiment and reactions of the billions expected to watch the Games is paramount to understanding how the worldwide audience is responding to what they are witnessing, helping us ensure a wonderful in-person and virtual experience.

“With the V•IQ platform, we have real-time insights in an easy-to-use dashboard, allowing us to quickly understand and respond to the Olympic audience. This solution is unlike anything else on the market.”

VisitBritain is the national tourism agency responsible for marketing Britain worldwide and helping to foster tourism in the country.

It aims to attract 4.6 million additional visitors to the UK over a four-year period, using key events like London 2012 to highlight the very best of Britain to potential visitors from around the world.

“The opportunity to analyze social media data from the Olympic audience for VisitBritain is exciting for several reasons. First, our technology will be used to analyze key metrics, such as share of voice, brand mentions, sentiment and social reaction, of one of the most watched sporting events on the planet,” said Richard Pasewark, chief executive of Visible.

With V•IQ, Visible has expanded its enterprise-class Visible Intelligence platform to include a powerful social performance dashboard, combining valuable intelligence from sources including traditional media, social media and web analytics.

Aggregating mission critical information into a single dashboard, V∙IQ provides an easy to share, continuously refreshed snapshot of the Olympics, in a visual and comprehensive format.