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Vienna Tourism board introduces Green Wien

Vienna Tourism board introduces Green Wien

Vienna’s excellent public transportation network is just one of the environmentally friendly ways to explore the capital. There are other options besides the bus, tram and subway – the city’s Green Taxis, Citybikes and Faxis are all great ways to get around with a clear conscience!

In 2011 Viennese taxi operation 40100 introduced its Green Taxis to provide an eco-friendly alternative for environmentally-aware customers. At present it has around 150 low-emission hybrid and gas vehicles in its green fleet. Ordering could not be easier: all customers have to do is dial 40100 and ask the operator to dispatch a Green Taxi. The vehicles themselves have a distinctive Green Taxi livery and cost the same as a normal taxi.

Vienna’s 1,200-kilometer network of bike lanes is another great, low-emission option for discovering the city. Visitors to the capital do not even need to bring their own bicycle thanks to the availability of 1,200 Citybikes in the capital. Bikes can be taken out and returned around the clock at one of the 90 stations located at various easy-to-find points around the city.

Vienna’s Faxis - three-wheeled taxi rickshaws with space for up to two passengers - are the perfect choice for visitors who want to keep their ecological footprint to a minimum, but feel that cycling is too much hard work. These aerodynamic vehicles are set in motion using nothing more than the pilot’s muscle power, although an additional electric motor can be used if needs be. Faxis can either be preordered for a city tour or flagged down on the street. The term “Faxi” is a portmanteau of the words Fahrrad and Taxi, or bicycle and taxi.

Introduced in fall 2010, Vienna’s 24-hour subway has proved to be a popular option among late-night revelers, particularly when it comes to finding a safe and environmentally-friendly way to get home. The round-the-clock service - available on Friday and Saturday nights and on the nights before public holidays - departs every 15 minutes during the night on all five lines of the Wiener Linien underground network, which covers a total of 101 stations. More than seven million passengers have used the 24 hour subway service since its introduction in September 2010.