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Victoria Cruises responds to demand for Yangtze

Victoria Cruises responds to demand for Yangtze

In response to increased demand for luxury cruises on China s Yangtze River, Victoria Cruises has made two additional departures available on its newest and largest luxury ship the Victoria Jenna.  Departing Chongqing for a three-night downstream sailing on March 14, and Yichang for the four-night return journey upstream on March 17, these newly scheduled departures will follow Victoria Cruises Three Gorges Highlights itinerary.

Offering visitors spectacular views of centuries-old pagodas nestled along the mist-shrouded river, the Three Gorges Highlights program includes a scenic experience sailing through the massive Three Gorges, known as one of China s most visually stunning natural treasures, as well as many onboard activities and a host of nightly entertainment options.

The cruise also features an excursion to the impressive Three Gorges Dam Site in San Dou Ping, an extraordinary feat of engineering and major highlight of the river cruise, as well as a tour of Mingshan Hill to observe statues of ghosts and demons (alternatively, the Mingshan Hill excursion may be replaced by a visit to a modern relocation village in Fengdu for families who have moved as a result of the Yangtze s rising waters brought about by the Three Gorges Dam).

One additional excursion, such as a tranquil sampan journey through the Yangtze s scenic Daning River or Shennong Stream tributaries to the Small Gorges, will provide guests with a scenic experience with historical overtones.

March departures of the Three Gorges Highlights program on the Victoria Jenna start at $920 per person, based on double occupancy.  An additional one-time shore excursion fee of $90 per person (inclusive of all excursions) will provide guests with all the sightseeing listed above.  An optional shore excursion to White Emperor City is available for $32 additional, per person, depending on weather conditions.


Overlooking the Western end of Qutang Gorge, White Emperor City has long been a refuge for would-be kings and poets who traveled there to be inspired by the breathtaking views.  Legend has it that in 25 A.D., white vapor in the shape of a dragon rose from a well, and Gong Sunshu, a soldier who had been headquartered there, declared himself the White Emperor.  Remains of the city wall can be seen on the hill behind Baidi Mountain, and a temple built to commemorate Gong s reign dates back more than 1,950 years.

White Emperor City had been included as a shore excursion in the past but was discontinued because the journey up Baidi Mountain to the historical temple involved climbing many steps.  However, the increased water level on the Yangtze resulting from the completion of the Three Gorges Dam has significantly reducing the climb.  The optional shore excursion is now available on all Victoria Cruises itineraries.