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USA Today moves into commercial cruise sector

USA Today moves into commercial cruise sector

USA TODAY has confirmed the launch of, a cruise ship review website designed to help the growing number of cruise customers find the right cruise for themselves and their families.

USA TODAY’s cruise editor Gene Sloan collaborated with, a network of online review publications recently acquired by USA TODAY, to build the first cruise review website with all reviews written by full-time expert anonymous cruise reviewers.

By using anonymous reviewers, who experience the same cruise that regular passengers do, the reviews are less likely to be influenced by outside or commercial bias.

With massive variety in cruise ship style and destinations, first-time cruisers can easily get lost in the array of options.

The new website features comprehensive reviews of cruise ships with buying guides for different types of vacationer profiles.

Each buying guide helps people understand the basics of picking the right cruise for their interests and lists the best ships for their needs.

“Cruises can provide people with an affordable way to explore destinations around the globe,” explained Sloan, who will also serve as executive editor of the site.

“However, there is a lot of variety in the experiences offered by each cruise line.

“We are helping match people and families to the right ship and cruise for their interests.”

The reviews explore all elements of the cruise experience including cabins, restaurants, bars, pools and decks, spas, entertainment and general service.

The website features thousands of photos of every aspect of each ship including photos of the many dishes served at each restaurant, downloadable menus, and recommended dishes to order.

Over the next few years, the site aims to have reviews of every major mass market ship serving United States customers.