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US Airlines add new holiday travel fees

US Airlines add new holiday travel fees

American Airlines announced last week that the company will be adding a surcharge of $10 each way for customers traveling the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the weekend following New Year’s and it seems that United Airlines, US Airways and Delta are quickly following suit.

Travelers have become increasingly familiar with additional charges for checking luggage and food services. Now it seems as though they will need to spend even more to travel over busy holidays on some U.S. flights.

This is the first time airlines have charged extra for certain days and according to the fee, which will probably appear on the bill as a fuel surcharge, is a way for struggling carriers to collect badly-needed revenues on the most popular travel days of the year.

The news follows British Airways announcement that it will charge for certain seat reservation. One UK travel agent, Nicholas McKay, the branch director at Travel Designers in London has launched a protest at the BA plan.

“This is one charge too many. Everyone should refuse to pay it or, even better, book another airline,” McKay said on his Facebook group called ‘Say NO to BA seat reservation charges’. “If you have paid thousands of pounds to take your family on a club-class holiday you should not be expected to pay to sit together.”