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UNWTO Calls for Industry Solidarity with Greece

UNWTO Calls for Industry Solidarity with Greece

UNWTO has called for the industry to show its solidarity with Greece at this difficult moment, underlying that tourism is a key sector for the Hellenic country and can be part of the solution in the process of economic recovery.

UNWTO appealed to all tourism stakeholders to show their solidarity with Greece during this challenging period, stressing that the sector should not be suffering unfairly as a result of the current situation.

UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, emphasized that “the upcoming summer season is a vital opportunity for all players in the industry to show their support for tourism in Greece, one of the most important destinations in the world and a reference for all of us.” “Letting down the tourism sector in Greece would only contribute to accelerate the current difficulties. We have an obligation towards Greece”, he added.

Tourism is one of Greece’s principal strategic economic sectors, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and exports, and can therefore play a key role in supporting recovery.