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United Jetstream launches to corporate travel bookers

United Jetstream launches to corporate travel bookers

United Airlines corporate and agency customers entered the “jet stream” earlier, as the airline unveiled its new online portal – United Jetstream.

The move represents an effort to simplify the travel management process and give customers an intuitive suite of self-service tools.

United Jetstream was designed to put power in the hands of customers to solve service issues and access enhancements that previously required a call to sales support.

Designed to give travel managers what they need most, United Jetstream’s easy-to-use interface and robust functionality means customers now have a wealth of information and capabilities at their fingertips.

United Jetstream provides greater visibility into travel activity and corporate spend with customisable, on-demand reports on historic, current, and future-predictive performance.


The management of traveller services including waivers is made easy with self-service processing.

It also gives customers one-click access to relevant information such as weather waivers, product and service information, and policy updates.

“With the help of our customers and our employees, we are completely reimagining the corporate travel experience for our customers,” said Dave Hilfman, United’s senior vice president of worldwide Sales.

“We designed United Jetstream with the goal of saving our customers time by putting more and better information directly in their hands, and by making it more easily accessible and available, whenever and wherever they need it - including on their mobile devices.

“We set out to create the best-in-class portal in the airline industry, and I believe we achieved that.”

The first phase of the portal launched earlier, with future phases expected in the second quarter of 2017 and beyond.

Phase Two is planned to include an expansion to the reports dashboard, the option for more amenity processing, customisable notifications, and corporate ancillary reports.