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UK rail passengers face steep hike in prices

UK rail passengers face steep hike in prices

Prices for rail travel in the United Kingdom have increased by an average of 3.9 per cent, as passengers begin their first journeys into work of the year.

Those buying season tickets will see prices increase by an average of 4.2 per cent following the annual price hike, which was first confirmed in August.

Transport minister Norman Baker said earlier the government had intervened to ensure fare rises were capped at about four per cent.

However, the TUC pointed out prices had been rising three times faster than average incomes since 2008.

‘Regulated’ rail fare increases are calculated by using the Retail Prices Index (RPI) measure of inflation plus an additional percentage.

These include season tickets for most commuter journeys and off-Peak fares on most intercity routes.

Initially the rail fare increase was set at RPI plus three per cent - a total of 6.2 per cent.

However, this was reduced to RPI plus one per cent by the government in October to a total of about 4.2 per cent.