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Rihanna returns to boost Barbados tourism

Rihanna returns to boost Barbados tourism

The new Barbados tourism advertising campaign featuring Rihanna is going from strength to strength as it further deepens its breadth and depth to communicate the island – from the “Inside Out”.

A record number of people around the world have already seen a sneak preview of the new campaign featuring Rihanna, who posted Twitter, Facebook and Instagram images on her social media feeds using the hashtag #Barbados. 

The multi- platinum star, who has recently wrapped up her 777 tour and launched her new #1 album, Unapologetic, has 63 million followers on Facebook, 26 million on Twitter and almost three million fans on Instagram.

The next phase of the campaign has now launched and has a selection of creatives designed to showcase Barbados at its very best – giving viewers the unique chance to experience and share a new perspective of the destination.

The campaign - communicated entirely via social media channels - will run until the end of February 2013 – offering a completely new and different strategy to ensure that a record number of people can interact and be part of this totally immersive experience.

Creative includes a brand video of Rihanna enjoying moments and locations in Barbados – which reflect more intriguing experiences than previous advertising campaigns for a destination.

The Barbados brand video was launched this week by Rihanna’s digital team at Roc Nation.

Locations chosen include – Six Men’s Bay, north of Speightstown where Rihanna is seen playing dominoes with the local fisherman and the awe-inspiring Animal Flower Cave where she takes a dip in one of the many underground natural pools.

Future plans for the advertising campaign also include the launch of a microsite differentiating the wealth of experiences available on the island and the crucial factors between what makes some people travellers and some people tourists. 

Visitors to the microsite will be treated to outtakes showcasing the island, which will be revealed in bite sized film clips – Barbados Moments – filmed during the Rihanna shoot. 

The microsite will launch early 2013.

Petra Roach, vice president of BTA UK, commented: “We are really pleased with how our campaign has combined heritage with heritage with and innovation to differentiate Barbados. 

“As a girl, I remember how important and significant these locations were to me and the idea of an Inside Out campaign – surely makes it possible for each and every visitor to experience their very own Barbados. 

“This campaign with its different elements, gives us the chance to launch on a variety of social media platforms which not only increases the size of the Barbados fan community but also does so in an organic way.”