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UK arrivals to Namibia surge ahead in 2013

UK arrivals to Namibia surge ahead in 2013

The Namibia ministry of tourism has released its arrival figures from 2013 showing a total of 23,185 arrivals from the UK - a 10.2 per cent increase year on year.

In 2012 UK arrival had fallen by 2.5 per cent, with depletion in numbers to 21,035.

In contrast in 2013 the UK market showed positive signs of growth, evident by the acceleration of visitors.

Not only were UK travellers choosing Namibia over other destinations but they were also choosing to extend their stay in the country, with an average night stay increasing from 15 days to 19 days.

Looking at Europe as a whole entry numbers for this region grew from 198,219 people in 2012 to 199.655 in 2013; indicating a growth of 0.7 per cent.


Growth can be attributed to the country’s rich list of assets, including its landscapes, wildlife and culture.

The country has become infamous for its choice of game reserves and national parks, as well as its remote and stunning deserts and gravel plains.

A sentiment supported by area manager Europe of Namibia, Maureen Posthuma who commented: “Namibia has received a considerable amount of global attention in the past two years, largely owing to its reputation as a country of diversity.

“Namibia is also considered a pioneer in environmentally and socially sustainable travel offerings.”

The UK remains one of the country’s strongest markets, alongside Germany (79,551 arrivals) and France (15,911 arrivals).