Breaking Travel News shows how transatlantic travel has taken off shows how transatlantic travel has taken off

Booking data from international one-stop travel service provider,, shows how transatlantic travel has taken off in the last year.

In the year since the US re-opened its borders to international global travellers, has seen a travel boom, when comparing booking stats from October 2021 to October 2022.

US hotel bookings made by British travellers have increased by 382% during the 12 months, while European hotel bookings by US travellers have increased by 111%.

Meanwhile, flight bookings from Europe to the US have increased by 67%, indicating the enduring appeal of the US, despite the pandemic, as well as revived demand for long-haul travel.

Andy Washington, Group EMEA General Manager, said: “The US has bounced back to resume its place as one of the most popular destinations for UK travellers according to analysis of data.

“Despite the drop in the value of the pound compared to the US dollar, America continues to attract Brits in large numbers eager to explore North America and reunite with friends and families.”

Rich Sun, Group General Manager for the Americas, said: “Americans have once again returned to Europe, as evidenced by data which shows a 111% surge in European hotel bookings from the US.

“European destinations have become attractive for US holidaymakers and business travellers looking to cash-in on favourable exchange rates.”

In addition to the jump in flight bookings, the average booking value of flights from Europe to the US has increased by 20% since October 2021.

Regarding routes from Europe to the US, New York was a top-performing destination, with flights from London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, and Barcelona ranked as the top five, and Manchester-New York as the sixth most popular booked flight route between Europe and the US.

Over a third of travellers booking flights from Europe to the US came from the UK (39%), followed by Spain in second place (17%), Italy in third place (14%), followed in fourth place by France (12%) and Germany in fifth (11%).

The most popular US cities for European flyers were New York, followed by Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando.

On average, each month in the last year has seen an 18% rise in Brits booking US hotels.

New York was the most popular city for booking British travellers, followed by Las Vegas in second place, Los Angeles in third, Orlando in fourth and Miami in fifth position.

The average booking value of Americans on European hotels has increased by nearly a quarter (23%) in the last year.

The UK was the most popular European country for hotel and flight bookings by US travellers.

Paris was the most popular European destination for hotel bookings by US travellers, followed by London and Rome.