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TRIO at Four Seasons Hotel Austin Serves Up Davis Cup Wine Special

TRIO at Four Seasons Hotel Austin Serves Up Davis Cup Wine Special

The world will be watching July 8-10, 2011 as Spain and the United States compete for tennis supremacy at the Davis Cup quarterfinals taking place in Austin. While the players serve up some thrilling match play, TRIO at Four Seasons Hotel Austin will be serving up its own ace with a wine promotion tennis and wine fans alike will love (dare we call it “love, love”?).

Rules of the Game

For each match of the Davis Cup, TRIO sommelier/referee Mark Sayre will select one Spanish wine and one domestic wine. After all matches have been played for the day, the wine(s) from the winning country will be declared the winner and priced at 50 percent off for the remainder of the evening.

The Players

Friday, July 8


(Singles Match 1): 2009 Independent Producers Chardonnay vs. 2009 Martina Prieto Verdejo
(Singles Match 2): 2009 St. Innocent Pinot Noir vs. 2005 Paternina Rioja
Saturday, July 9

(Doubles Match): 2007 Terra Valentine Cabernet vs. 2006 Jumilla Casa De Castillo ‘Las Gravas’
Sunday, July 10

(Singles Match 1): 2009 Duchman Vermentino vs. 2009 Fillaboa Albarino
(Singles Match 2): 2005 Paraiso Syrah Wedding Hill vs. 2006 Capafons Osso Priorat Sirsell
For example, if Spain wins the second singles match on Friday then the Paternina Rioja will be offered at USD 6.50 per glass and USD 24 per bottle until 11:00 pm. Observant Davis Cup fans will notice that two singles matches will be played on Friday and Sunday, so two wines will be available at a discounted price on those days.

Winners will be announced each afternoon on TRIO’s Twitter stream and Facebook page.