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Travelport reaffirms commitment to Cain Travel

Travelport reaffirms commitment to Cain Travel

Travelport has signed a long term renewal with Denver-based Cain Travel.

Under the terms of the agreement, Travelport will continue to serve as Cain Travel’s travel technology partner and provide access to travel content including air, hotel, and car rental and cruise lines via its Apollo platform.

The agreement also provides Cain Travel with a live version of the industry-leading Travelport Universal Desktop.

This makes Cain Travel the first of Travelport’s United States-based customers to benefit from the ground-breaking application which streamlines the travel booking process within a single, powerful platform.

Through Travelport Universal Desktop, Cain Travel will now gain access to advanced desktop functionality including the ability to seamlessly combine all components of the travel itinerary and centrally manage profile and policy information, all within the highly configurable desktop. 

Travelport Universal Desktop represents the next-generation in travel agency desktops, providing travel agents with an intuitive interface and access to multi-source content and pricing. 

Michael Cain, president, Cain Travel said: “Travelport is well positioned to deliver the most diverse set of content to us and our customer base.

“The introduction of both the Travelport Universal API and Travelport Universal Desktop provides us with the opportunity to simplify our entire operation and deliver a much more tailored shopping experience to our customers.”