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Travelport inks deal with WestJet

Travelport inks deal with WestJet

Travelport has revealed that travel agents can now select and purchase WestJet paid seats in advance, including the ability to sell a Plus fare and fulfill a Plus seat, using Travelport Smartpoint, Travelport’s industry-leading desktop point of sale.

WestJet also becomes Travelport’s first airline in North America to offer Travelport customers the ability and convenience to select chargeable, paid seats in advance fulfilled by Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) associated to the ticket (EMD-A).

The availability of WestJet paid seats through Travelport Smartpoint is the latest example of Travelport’s leadership in redefining airline merchandising, by enabling airline customers to distribute all of their branded fares and ancillary services, and to market them through the travel agency channel, exactly the way airlines choose.

The new EMD-A functionality for WestJet chargeable seats enables Travelport agencies to quickly and easily access information on optional extras in their standard workflow (available whether using Travelport’s Apollo, Galileo, or Worldspan cores) advise their clients of the total cost of the trip during the booking process, and provide higher service levels that improve customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.

The new WestJet functionality also allows travel agents using Travelport Smartpoint to have information in the passenger name record (PNR) to quickly and efficiently process administrative invoicing for the fare and the seat, as well as incorporate this information to back-office systems that support EMD-A.


“The addition of WestJet chargeable seat functionality using EMD-A is another reason why Travelport solutions continue to deliver more value and greater return on investment for airlines and travel agents alike,” said Chris Engle, Travelport’s Vice President Air Commerce, Americas.