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Alas Uruguay signs deal with Sabre

Alas Uruguay signs deal with Sabre

Alas Uruguay is the newest participant airline within the Sabre travel marketplace. Under a long term technology and e-commerce agreement, the airline will distribute fares via the Sabre GDS.

Alas Uruguay will leverage industry-leading air commerce capabilities developed by Sabre. The airline will also benefit from real-time connectivity to 425,000 agents using the Sabre global distribution system in 144 countries, with strategic reach to agencies in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. For their flight operations launch, Alas Uruguay will offer regular service connecting their hub in Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport with Punta del Este, Asuncion (Paraguay), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). In coming weeks the regional network will also include São Paulo (Brazil), and Santiago (Chile).

In anticipation of these tickets and seats to be offered across channels, starting today Sabre-connected agents are able to efficiently shop and book the airline’s fares.

Among major connectivity enhancements, Alas Uruguay will benefit from e-ticketing technology to deliver last-seat available inventory, schedules, instant booking confirmation and ticket changes via Sabre.

“We are excited to have Alas Uruguay as the latest airline to sign with Sabre, as we share a commitment in creating business opportunities in the country chosen by Sabre to invest with a world-class service center for the global travel industry,” said Luiz Ambar, vice president of Sabre in southern Latin America. “We are wholly-committed to supporting their growth and expansion to regional destinations, and particularly to strengthen their collaboration with travel agents.”


“We’ve chosen Sabre’s technology to accelerate our plans to put our flights and services in front of the largest travel agency community in key markets to be served by Alas Uruguay, and build strategic partnerships that will create better service and revenue opportunities from our regional flights network,” said Guillermo Roche, distribution manager for Alas Uruguay.

The Sabre travel marketplace will enable Alas Uruguay to foster its sales and customer service strategy. Furthermore, Sabre’s distribution technology will contribute to improved commercial operations for the airline.

Alas Uruguay now joins more than 400 regional and global carriers that leverage Sabre´s technology to market and sell airfares and ancillaries.